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Cosmetic Dentistry

“I just don’t like my smile or look of my teeth. I wish to improve it.”
We will always endeavour to perform all aspects of dentistry with the highest quality of care to achieve the most optimal cosmetic finish possible.

Tooth coloured restorations– Used to replace missing or deteriorated tooth structure. Fabricated from composite or porcelain.

Veneers– the dental equivalent of false acrylic nails. These tooth coloured restorations are bonded on the visible front surface of your teeth

Porcelain veneers –the anterior teeth are prepared by minimal reduction and impressions taken so a porcelain ‘facing’ can be fabricated off site and then bonded to the prepared tooth on a subsequent appointment.

Composite veneers – composite restorations are directly bonded onto teeth with minimal reduction and shaped accordingly .Done on the same day in a single appointment.

Tooth whitening– teeth are assessed to find the cause of the discolouration. Some staining is more difficult than others to resolve.

Although all efforts are made to brighten and whiten teeth to levels desired, bleaching can be an unpredictable procedure and varies between individuals. Sensitivity of varying intensity is a common occurrence although the majority of patients have little to no discomfort. 

Take home bleaching – impressions are taken and bleach guards individually fabricated. The bleaching material is place in trays and positioned on teeth for either half an hour a day or alternatively placed overnight for the duration of the bleaching kit.

Different kits are provided depending on your preference of day or night bleaching.

In office bleaching –effectively a more concentrated form of bleaching performed on the same day.

Consisting of 3 x 15-20 min sessions, under blue light to intensify the bleaching process. In office bleaching uses zoom or pola in office bleach.

Orthodontics– certain aspects of orthodontics can be performed to straighten teeth and improve cosmetics. Specialist referral may be required should the orthodontic problem be more extensive.

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