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General Dentistry

Due to circumstances, oral problems have occurred and the disease process has commenced. We need to address these issues in order to prevent further damage and discomfort.

Fillings/Restorations – Via a range of restorative materials, we remove weakened/diseased tooth structure and replace it to prevent further tooth deterioration before it involves the pulp, the nerve centre of the tooth which provides sensation and nutrients.

Periodontal Treatment – “Your tooth is only as good as its foundation”. Gingivitis, the initial inflammation of the gums (Gingivae) is reversible. Unfortunately, the disease process can progress to an irreversible condition known as periodontitis which affect the bone support and attachment that keeps the tooth stable.  A silent assassin, it may not necessarily be painful. Associated signs can often include gum inflammation and recession, bleeding, pus, bad breath, tooth movement and migration (spacing of teeth), and ultimately loss of the tooth. Treatments by a more intensive clean and root planing may be able to stop the disease process from progressing and help stabilize the gums and teeth.                                                                                    

Endododontics (Root Canal Therapy) – The irreversible deterioration and/or death of the pulp, by either decay or trauma has occurred. We need to remove the dead or dying tissue in the middle of the tooth, fill it, and seal the empty pulp chamber.This treatment removes diseased tissue which causes infection and/or pain, without losing the tooth itself. Endodontics is done in stages, on separate appointments, to retain viable/important teeth.

Emergency Treatments and Pain Relief – A very important process which routinely takes precedence over all treatment. We have got to get you out of pain so you can think straight and make an informed and correct decision.We are happy to deal with specific emergency situations that you have come to visit us about and will seek to inform you if there are any associated problems or consequences in relation to your condition.

Simple or Surgical Extractions (Wisdom Teeth inclusive) – we understand that sometimes there are no other alternatives for the tooth or your circumstances. We will endeavour to remove unviable, overly deteriorated and symptomatic teeth as simply as possible. Problematic wisdom teeth can also be discussed.

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