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Oral Appliances

Occlusal guards/splints-oral appliances that may be required to address or improve temporomandibular joint discomfort, overworked and fatigued muscles of mastication that may manifest by frequent headaches, and also slow the wear and fracture of teeth associated with grinding/attrition.

Mandibular advancement splints (anti-snoring devices) – used as an anti-snoring device and to assist in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea.

What is sleep apnoea? – Sleep apnoea is a disorder whereby an individual’s airflow is momentarily restricted or ceases for more than 10 sec and awakens during sleep. Because of the brief duration the individual is usually unaware or can’t remember awakening but tends to feel fatigued and unrested the following day. Should this occurs more than 5 instances during the night in an adult; treatment under the care of a respiratory specialist is required. Only one instance is required if this occurs in a child. 

Although sleep apnoea does not seem to be too threatening, the condition not only increases fatigue making the individual more prone to accidents and decreasing productivity when working. It is also associated with hypertension, heart disease and stroke as oxygen levels are compromised.

A sleep study where by sleeping pattern is monitored, is required to diagnose sleep apnoea. This can be performed at a sleep centre or at home using a mobile monitoring device.

Mandibular advancement devices can only help in treating obstructive sleep apnoea whereby airflow is restricted rather than when respiration ceases.  By advancing the jaw forward, the airways are widened to increase airflow and improve respiration and decrease or eliminate snoring.

Mouthguards- fabricated for sports with a high risk of impact. Your mouthguard is fabricated specifically to intimately fit your teeth only. We are able to accommodate fabrication in a number of styles and single/multiple colours.

Retainers– fabricated to prevent tooth migration after orthodontics or general tooth movement as we age.


** With any proposed treatment we understand that the severity of the condition and extent of treatment may vary. On occasions it may be necessary for specialists to be involved to benefit you the patient and improve the success of the treatment.
We at Dixon Road Dental Surgery are in close communication with a number of specialists in a variety of specialty fields, should they be required.

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